What is anger management?

Anger Management Session

Anger management is a type of counselling support that is aimed specifically at assessing and resolving your uncontrollable outbursts of anger. In a typical anger management session, the therapist will examine your angry outbursts, your partner and your’s communication style and a tailor-made home care plan will be created to remedy your issues. You might be also given assignments to continue working on developing in between the sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

Angry people can also come with impatience but remember patience is a virtue. There are three categories into which clients with anger issues commonly fall within.

The first category concerns people with recent and short-term anger issues and they might need as little as six hours of anger management sessions.  If you have had a recent conflict that lasted no longer than three months but that is ongoing and you struggle to resolve it then the six sessions might be enough for you. Your autonomy is paramount and so it is your choice how many sessions you will book for but only a few might not be effective and you could relapse into your old ways. The minimum of six sessions provide an opportunity to explain in-depth what is happening and the therapist will be able to identify the causative issues and the right solutions. With at least six sessions your therapist and you will also be able to measure your progress and assess whether you are managing to apply the anger management techniques.

The second category concerns clients with long-term issues. If your issues with anger and conflict are longer-lasting and over six months at least then you might need at least three months of the anger management sessions which equals to twelve hours.

Finally, people with anger management issues combined with complex childhood trauma (sexual, psychological, physical) or abuse, substance misuse history or any trauma in the adulthood may need as much as six months of anger management sessions which is equivalent to twenty four sessions each lasting 60 minutes.

When do the anger management sessions fail to work?

The majority of clients who come to Anger Management Central London report to have learnt and benefited from the sessions and this is evident from their reviews that are available on the page of this website REVIEWS. There are some factors that will hinder the progress of the anger management issues and those include:

  • failure to attend the sessions on a regular basis
  • quitting too early and before seeing any improvement that is long-term
  • concealing the truth for example a client might decide to attend the anger management sessions but may have already decided that the relationship will never work but is afraid to inform the therapist and the partner about this, refuses to use the anger management techniques that could contain the conflict which undermines the progress and then claims that the issue is unsolvable and therefore the relationship must end
  • presenting in the sessions secondary issues because of fear or shame which then sabotages the work on the real issues and any progress
  • believing that one does not have the problem and does not need to change and everyone else is to blame
  • setting unrealistic goals, expectations, pressurising the therapist to achieve changes quickly in contrast to the time it took to accumulate a number of different issues that might maintain the anger issues

Do you provide refuge for victims of domestic violence?

Anger Management Central London strives to provide support to couples, individuals and families with their conflicts and to restore peace in their lives but it does not help people run away from their partners and it does not provide a refuge or accommodation for victims of domestic violence.

I was given a court order and need anger management, will you be able to help?

Yes, if you were given a court order and need anger management sessions you can call and request a session.

Will you judge me or reject me because of my past anger management issues?

Anger Management Central London is familiar with the effects of angry outbursts and how bad it can get. Regardless of how bad the situation became, we welcome clients from all walks of life and we appreciate their effort to resolve their anger issues, develop and grow.

Do you see clients in the prison?

Yes, we can arrange a prison visit but the session must paid for in advance and including the travel fare.

Will you provide me with a letter of proof that I completed the anger management sessions?

At the end of your anger management course, you will be provided with a letter upon your request.