Anger Management Central London is a private practice offering one-to-one sessions for angry men and women with uncontrollable outbursts of anger, it provides one-to-one sessions, couple therapy and family therapy. It is based in Central London, comfortable and private setting and with a high degree of confidentiality. It has been attracting men and women with domestic issues, people who have been advised anger management by their solicitors, or by people who who were given a court order to complete anger management sessions. At Anger Management Central London you will receive assessment and a consequent tailor-made home care plan to manage your uncontrollable outbursts of anger. Whilst Anger Management London strives to support people with anger management issues and their family members and friends and to restore the peace in the home or work context, it does not provide refuge or free accommodation for people who want to flee their partners.


2018: Sexual Issues – Diagnosis and Treatments

2018: Supervision in the Recovery Field: Guiding Clinicians and Psychotherapists Providing Substance Abuse Treatment

2017: Female Batterers: Male Victims: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence

2017: ANGER MANAGEMENT: Identifying and treating unhealthy anger

2016: Certificate Programme in Addiction (included sex and cybersex, alcohol, any substance and gambling)

2013: 440 credits gained from year 1 – 6 Doctorate Practitioner Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy with Thesis Support Experienced in Relation to WORKPLACE BULLYING (thesis about aggression at work and it’s proposed management and prevention and proposals for future research from counselling psychology and psychotherapy point of view)

2012: Hypnosis and NLP

2012: CBT with OCD

2012: CBT with Substance Misuse

2008: Working with Women affected by DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

2006: Professional Therapeutic Training

2005: BSc Psychology

1994: Psychiatric Nursing

1993: Paediatric Nursing

Please do ask for the original copies of the below qualifications/training, all original documents are available to see upon request.